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Assistance for Low Income Households

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR
Home Weatherization
Home Heating Assistance
Empower New YorkSM
Monroe County Home Improvement

Tax Incentives

Household Federal Tax Credit
Commercial Building Federal Tax Deduction
New York State Tax Incentives

Monroe County Home Improvement

Monroe County's Home Improvement Program (HIP) provides one-time grants to income-eligible homeowners for home repairs and improvements in the suburban towns and villages.

Program Brochure
Application Cover Page (Read First)
Application Form
Eligibility Requirements

Get Paid to Reduce Demand

Large electric power users in New York State can choose to get paid for lowering electricity usage during periods of high-demand on the electricity grid.

Learn About Demand-Response
Demand-Response with NYSEG
Demand-Response with RG&E
Demand-Response with NationalGrid

ENERGY STAR Guide for Small Business

Help small businesses find and carry out energy efficiency projects

Guide for Small Business

Utility Incentives and Rebates in Monroe County

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For Customers of New York State Electric and Gas (NYSEG): RG&E Logo

Get free energy efficient lighting assessments and 70% OFF of recommended lighting upgrades!

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NYSEG Customers - Learn More Now!
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O’Connell Electric Company Rochester Solar Technologies
Celebrating 100 Years of Electrical Construction Excellence, Innovation, and Industry Leadership

Save Money on Utility Bills

You have energy choices! The New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) has opened the State's electric industry to competition. You could save money by shopping for lower cost power from your utility or from an Energy Services Company (ESCO). Competition can lower your cost and protect you from rising prices.
Find an ESCO from the PSC Directory

Statewide Programs

New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) offers incentives programs for Residents, Businesses (Commercial/Industrial) and Organizations of all types.


NYSERDA's Energy Efficiency Programs:

NYSERDA's Low Cost Energy Audit Programs for Businesses and Organizations
Audits will help identify economically justified energy savings improvements. This program provide subsidized energy audits to businesses and organizations. If your annual electricity bill is < $25,000, the audit will only cost you $100. If your annual electricity bill is between $25,000 and $75,000, the audit will only cost you $400.

NYSERDA's Incentives for Grid Connected Solar and Wind Electricity Generation Systems NYSERDA's Incentives for Solar Thermal Hot Water Systems


Energy Saving Ideas

Home Energy Appliance Calculator
Want to know much you are paying for the energy used by your appliances? Use the Appliance Energy Calculator to find out.
Home Energy Audit
Compare your home's energy usage to similar homes across the country. Collect your last 12 months of utility bills and spend 5 minutes for a do-it-your-self audit

NeighborWorks - A Home Performance Contractor Serving the Community

Hire a Professional Auditor
A professional Home Energy Auditor or "Rater" can provide specific recommendations for improving the efficiency of your home

Crossfield Heating & Air Conditioning

Energy Performance Contractors
Consider using professional Contractors specialized in Home Energy Performance

New York Power Authority (NYPA)

NYPA provides energy conservation programs that can cut a facility’s energy bills by up to 25 percent. NYPA has services available for:
  K12 Schools
  College & Universities
  Local Government
  State Government
  Water & Waste Treatment
  Not For Profit
NYPA Energy Conservation Programs Include:
  Energy Efficiency Audits & Overhauls
  The Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Initiative
  Electric Drive Vehicles
To get started, email us at Energy2011@nypa.gov or call NYPA's Energy Hotline 866.314.4110.

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